So it’s been a while but now there’s Facebook

And if by a while, you means about nearly a year, yes. It has been.

I don’t think too many people blog anymore as Twitter and Facebook have dominated the scene recently. Glad I did this blog though before all that got in the way.

Now that all my kids are gone, looking back with my blog posts starting in 2006 will be good for me. Like a diary of sorts. I enjoyed every minute of momhood – well most of the minutes. Funny that this blog will be my reminder of some of the things I may have forgotten otherwise. I will always remember how much the kids hated me blogging. Made me do it all the more.

Can’t read my old posts right now as I am prone to melancholy, but at some point, it will be nice to read and reminisce. Suffering from empty nest – humor me.

Do I talk about my personal life on Facebook? No. I am opposed to it. Funny that a blog is ok, but not FB. For one thing, I am anonymous here. Not on FB. I am amazed at the tiny details people share there. I have an account but I don’t do personal stuff there. I know that sounds crazy coming from someone who blogged for years, but I like generalities better than hearing how mad you are at your cousin, how much you hate Walmart, or how you are so bored. (Wait. That sounds like my blog.)

Well, the latest from Motherwise is that she still loves her kids, is still married to the same guy for 33 years and wishes that a large check would come in the mail to pay for the college loans and prepare for any future wedding expenses that will inevitably in our future. Or pay for a trip to Ireland that I want to take.

Just stopped by to say that I am glad I recorded some of the times I cherish the most. I can read them in the nursing home someday and bore the crap out of anyone who still has their hearing.

Reviewing Memoirs

My dad has been taking care of my mom for quite some time now – she’s not been well. In his time spent at home with her, tending to just about all of her needs, he decided to write his memoirs. Over the holidays, he gave each one of us a copy to read. It included his whole life story up until now and it was about 700 pages and only a few were photos.

I read it all last night. It had some things I was aware of, but of course I learned a lot that I did not know. How interesting to not know all about one’s own parent – details of their childhood that they might have told you bits and pieces of but not in great detail at any one time – unless you asked. As kids, I don’t remember really doing a lot of that. I couldn’t help but think that my children could read this and learn about it too, and that his story would not be lost because he took the time to save it.

It put me into a strange mood today, almost like I am living in between the time periods that he grew up in and in the time periods that I was alive and our family became his life. It brought me back to the places that I grew up as he recollected those times and I think I am still processing it.

Hmm. Then I realized that this blog, which I have been keeping since 2009 or something crazy like that, is like that too. Only my kids can’t stand reading about their antics and my interpretations of them. It’s probably too much information but with my memory (or lack of it) it helps me remember what was going on at those times.

And I bet Dad is waiting for some feedback from us kids. He spent a lot of time on his memoirs and that was really important to him to be able to pass that on. My feedback is on my “to do” list.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.  ~ Bob Dylan 


Credit Where Credit Is Due

Is your credit history worse than you’d like to admit to your significant other or spouse? Research now indicates that this information can provide important clues about the strength of your relationship. If you didn?t believe that a bad credit score could hurt more than just your ability to qualify for loans, think again. This infographic shows how experts believe credit usage can forecast a divorce.

How Credit History Can Predict Divorce

Hole Lotta Hoopla

Yes, my husband and I have turned a lot of stomachs this past couple of days. With just simple things, like asking for him to scratch my back or suggesting we go out for a nice romantic dinner. Apparently this is way too sexual for the kids to handle and they can only cry out with disgust to such benign interchanges between a couple married for 29 years, who don’t exactly exude hotness from every pore. It’s not like I suggested we have sex on the table or anything. Geez. I have addressed this in my First Times Greeting Card available for a laugh here. Enjoy.

So then we get this issue of Cosmo in the mail addressed to my daughter and what the heck, the thing is full of tacky sex talk and kiddish (and I mean fourth grade) discussion of a female person’s body parts. Come on – we can’t say vagina on the cover but we can say hoo ha? Give me a break. Cosmo magazine used to be a tad more sophisticated. I think that it is now downright stupid. My guess is that they need readership (badly) to be able to sell ads to their clients because for $5 a year, my daughter got this stupid one year subscription, which they then sent to two addresses. What joy for me to read about getting a healthy and happy hoo ha at this late stage in my life. And I read the article. I learned nothing really, as it was just a bunch of hoopla about a hoo ha. Another guess? Putting hoo ha on a cover sells more magazines.

And I think Amanda Bynes, featured on the cover, got a lip plumping job. And by lips, I mean the ones on her face. (See diagram in the article on hoo ha.)


Violence and smut are of course everywhere on the airwaves. You cannot turn on your television without seeing them, although sometimes you have to hunt around.”  ~ Dave Barry