Do Your Archives Hang Low?

Mine did until I went looking for a plugin to fix this droop on my sidebar. I got something for now but it doesn’t list the numbers of posts or ring any bells and whistles, so I am still on the hunt.

Ah, if it were just as easy to fix some other droopy things…

But onward to make more items to archive on my blog. (Don’t think I have the nerve for the type of cosmetic enhancements these ladies opted for.)

Picked my son up at school and found out my daughter passed the second of four tests required for her CPA exam. This will truly be a good Thanksgiving in that regard because if she would not have passed, well. It wouldn’t have been pretty. Maybe there is a God.

Son has a full Jesus beard. I scheduled an electrolysis appointment for myself for this afternoon so there will be no mistaking us over the candle light at dinner.

Daughter #1 will be home later today, complete with her cat that she can’t seem to be able to leave alone. I shudder to think about the overprotective genes I passed on to her, and how they will exhibit themselves when she has a human child.

Today, in addition to my hair removal experience, I plan to be/look very busy so they will clean the house for me. The only downside to that is how much I will hear about the size of the cobwebs, thickness of dust, degree of bathtub scum incrustation, etc. Perhaps my busyness should involve trips to the store?

Happy Thanksgiving to all and may my turkey be all defrosted when it’s time to take the innards out of the cavity. Can anyone tell me why in the heck they put them in there? Does anyone use them for anything anymore?


“A woman voting for divorce is like a turkey voting for Christmas.”  ~ Alice Glynn