Reviewing Memoirs

My dad has been taking care of my mom for quite some time now – she’s not been well. In his time spent at home with her, tending to just about all of her needs, he decided to write his memoirs. Over the holidays, he gave each one of us a copy to read. It included his whole life story up until now and it was about 700 pages and only a few were photos.

I read it all last night. It had some things I was aware of, but of course I learned a lot that I did not know. How interesting to not know all about one’s own parent – details of their childhood that they might have told you bits and pieces of but not in great detail at any one time – unless you asked. As kids, I don’t remember really doing a lot of that. I couldn’t help but think that my children could read this and learn about it too, and that his story would not be lost because he took the time to save it.

It put me into a strange mood today, almost like I am living in between the time periods that he grew up in and in the time periods that I was alive and our family became his life. It brought me back to the places that I grew up as he recollected those times and I think I am still processing it.

Hmm. Then I realized that this blog, which I have been keeping since 2009 or something crazy like that, is like that too. Only my kids can’t stand reading about their antics and my interpretations of them. It’s probably too much information but with my memory (or lack of it) it helps me remember what was going on at those times.

And I bet Dad is waiting for some feedback from us kids. He spent a lot of time on his memoirs and that was really important to him to be able to pass that on. My feedback is on my “to do” list.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.  ~ Bob Dylan 


3 thoughts on “Reviewing Memoirs

  1. What a beautiful thing your father has given you. My mom did something similar with a photo journal of her beloved flower garden and memories related to it. It’s a treasure.

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